I’m a student who is enthusiastic about technology and programming. I grew up in Haridwar and did my schooling from Delhi Public School, Ranipur. I learned basics of programming from school and then explored the Internet to expand my knowledge and understanding of various languages and concepts.

Other than that I’m a Sub-24 3x3 Speedcuber, Avid Gamer(mainly CS:GO) and a FaZe Clan CS:GO Fan! It's sad being a FaZe Fan right now, hope they bounce back soon. A lot of my free time goes into browsing Reddit and re-watching The Office but I try to set aside time for programming aswell. The Office is the best show to ever exist change my mind. I also run a blog linked in the header.

With reference to programming, I’m experienced with HTML & CSS, Python, C++, JavaScript, SQL, and also basics of Git and Bash.
In Python, I have worked in the Django, Flask, Argparse and Pillow libraries, and also have experience in packaging. In JavaScript, I have worked in NodeJS(Express), ReactJS and p5JS.
I'm a frequent open-source contributor to many projects and I open-source my own projects aswell. My Github Profile is linked in the footer.

You can see my projects and their corresponding links on the Projects page linked in the header.